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Cupcakes, anyone? {{Open RP}}

In the kitchen at the Master Course, a certain redhead was there baking cupcakes. She was debating with herself if she should use strawberry frosting or vanilla frosting. This was a tough one. She loves strawberries but she’s going with vanilla.

After placing the frosting, she places the cupcakes in the fridge timing it to three to five minutes.

Suddenly she hears someone enter the kitchen. She turns around to see—

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"Um...sorry to bother you but are you perhaps lost? Maybe I can help you. My name is Nanami Haruka and it's nice to meet you."

((This is an indie, multishipping, rp/ask blog for Nanami Haruka from Uta no Prince-sama. I will rp with anyone from any fandom oc or not. Please read the rules before doing anything!))

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